Raising The Remnant Deluxe

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Speaker: Scott Ritsema | 6-DVD set


  1. It Takes a Radical
  2. The Big Task: Making Little Disciples
  3. Weighed in the Balance
  4. Those whom I Love, I Discipline
  5. How To Raise the Remnant, Part 1
  6. How To Raise the Remnant, Part 2


Your children can now thriving spiritually. This set includes parenting, plus documentary-style interviews of today's top parenting minds, providing direction on how to raise the remnant.


Includes 4 DVDs of seminar teaching on the subject of parenting, plus two entire DVDs of documentary-style interviews of today's top parenting minds, giving us direction on how to raise the remnant!

Recent research has painted a remarkably clear portrait of the character, values, and practices of parents whose young adult children are now thriving spiritually. Raising the Remnant not only reports on these George Barna research findings, but also uncovers that this very same traditional advice was given in the 19th century! You're sure to walk away from this fast-paced, information-packed DVD series with practical and proven time-tested success strategies from real Christian families.

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