Principles of Sabbath Observance

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Speaker: Stephen Bohr


  1. The Sabbath of the Lord
  2. The Wall Around the Wall
  3. The Two Laws
  4. Preaching the Sabbath More Fully
  5. Repairers of the Breach

As we near the end of time the Sabbath will be "proclaimed more fully" (EW 33,34).

Pastor Bohr desires this series to amplify the importance of true Sabbath worship as he shows that the seventh-day Sabbath is the Lord's day and describes how and why He made it holy.  Therefore, Christ is the One Who alone can show us how to make it a day to rest in Him, to enjoy His presence and to do good for others in following His Sabbath-keeping example.  It also is, and especially at the end will be, a test and a sign for us to show our loyalty, steadfastness, love and respect for His authority in our lives as our Creator and Redeemer.  We see how Satan throughout history has tried to swing the pendulum from one extreme of making the Sabbath a legalistic burden and a method to try to earn merits with God to the opposite extreme of discarding the Sabbath altogether and setting up a man-made day of worship on Sunday which God never authorized.  God calls Seventh-day Adventists to restore the meaning of true Sabbath worship and to rebuild the break, made by satan's ingenious methods, in the wall that was given for our protection and happiness.

  • How should God's people really keep the Sabbath?
  • How can we protect it from irreverence and man-centered worship?
  • How can we explain texts such as Colossians 2:16 that some say teaches that the Ten Commandment Law and the Sabbath was nailed to the cross, thus making its observance unnecessary?
  • Should we also keep the ceremonial sabbaths as well as the weekly Sabbath?
  • Why is the Sabbath called the seal of God and how does that relate to last day events?
  • What makes the Seventh-day Adventist view of Sabbath unique from other Sabbath-keeping groups?
  • How will the end-time beast attack the first four of the Ten Commandments that have to do with worshiping God?
  • What warnings are given for those to whom the Sabbath has become a ritual and who dwell on the letter of the Law while ignoring its spirit?
  •  How can we become "repairers of the breach" and inherit the blessings promised to those who make the Sabbath a delightful experience of worship and service to God?

These and many other questions are answered in this important and enlightening series.

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