How To Stay Happily Married

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The devil is out in full fury today to attack the seventh-day Sabbath and marriage, the two institutions God gave in Eden that protect our relationship with Him and with our families. Pastor Bohr is frank and honest concerning God's way to keep a marriage happy amid the many pressures all around us in our lax society. Sin is the root cause of all marriage problems, as shown right from the beginning in Adam blaming Eve for his fall right after they had sinned. Marriage counselors are fine in their place, but no amount of human psychology will be truly successful if it takes the place of two hearts in marriage striving to be right in their relationship with God and in implementing two very important biblical principles toward each other, which are explained in this presentation.

Marriage requires hard work to keep love continually nourished and growing. Too many people today rely upon opt-out clauses in fear that things may not work out. Pastor Bohr believes that this is often because church marriages are looked upon more as a state license ceremony rather than a solemn promise made before God to follow His original plan for love and devotion in the home. Pastor Bohr examines the creation story to understand God's original will for marriage. He also brings out gems from Paul's often hard-to-understand counsels that balance the relationships of men and women as God has ordained in His plan for our true happiness and peace. He explores Jesus' perfectly unselfish example of devoted life-giving love for His bride, the church, and touchingly shows just how hard it was for Him to go against human nature to die for us. You will find here several enlightening insights not found elsewhere in Pastor Bohr's sermons about marriage. Some things may be hard for the modern "worldly-wisdom" influenced mind to swallow in this presentation, but Pastor Bohr is right on in his soundly biblical prescription for making marriage the way it ought to be for satisfying and lasting happiness.

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