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  1. A Prophet for God’s Remnant Church – by Gerhard Pfandl
  2. The Tests of a True Prophet – by Gerhard Pfandl
  3. Ellen White, More Relevant Today Than Ever – by Herbert Douglass
  4. Ellen White and the Charge of Plagiarism – by Judson Lake
  5. Ellen White Criticisms:  Nothing New Under the Sun – by Judson Lake
  6. General Questions and Answers
  7. The Interpretation of Ellen White – by Gerhard Pfandl

Interested in learning more about God’s remnant church prophet?   Don’t miss this series with Gerhard Pfandl, Herbert E. Douglass and Jud Lake.  Explore the biblical foundations for the gift of prophecy in the remnant church, especially as it relates to Revelation 12:17.

Among other things this series answers the following questions:

  • Does Ellen G. White pass the test of a true prophet?
  • Are the Writings of Ellen White still relevant for the 21st century?
  • Was Ellen White a plagiarist?
  • How do we explain her literary borrowing?
  • What principles should we use to properly interpret her writings?
  • How do we deal with the accusations of her critics?

This series is recommended by Pastor Stephen Bohr, and also Dr. Ron du Preez and is excellent for learning how to respond to her critics with solid facts.

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