From the Close of Probation to the New Earth: A Study of Revelation Chapters 15 to 22 - PDF Digital Download

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421 pages cover Revelation Chapters 15 to 22. This is an Anchor School of Theology class study.

Chapter Titles:

  1. The Literary Structure of Revelation 12-22
  2. Revelation 15;1-8: Without an Intercessor
  3. Revelation 16: An Introduction to the Plagues
  4. Three Perspectives of the Last Three Plagues
  5. The Last Three Plagues of Revelation 16
  6. Decoding the Mysteries of Revelation 17
  7. Revelation 18: The Demise of Babylonian Capitalism
  8. Here Comes the Bride: Eastern Wedding Customs
  9. Revelation 19:1-9: Song of Praise to the King
  10. Revelation 19;11-21: The Battle of Armageddon
  11. Daniel11:40-45 and the Final Crisis
  12. The Special Resurrection
  13. The Typology of Senaquerib's Invasion
  14. Isaiah 24:21-23: The Millennium in the Old Testament
  15. The Millennium: Changing the Ordinance
  16. The Four Cycles of Revelation's Millennium
  17. Sins of Commission and Omission
  18. Reflection on Second Death
  19. Revelation 21:9-22:21: Like a Bride Adorned for Her Husband
  20. Keep the Commandments or Wash their Robes?
  21. The Right to the Tree of Life
  22. The Therapeutic Tree of Life
  23. Righteousness by Faith and the Final Conflict
  24. The River Dragon: Its Meaning in Scripture

In addition, the following charts are included within these pages:

  • Revelation 12-22 Chart
  • Parallels between Revelation 12, 13 and 17 Chart
  • Sequence of Events in Revelation 14-19





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Difficult chapters made so simple.
Written by Nelson on Nov 24th 2021

The best explanation of end time events out there. God bless Secrets Unsealed Ministry.

Written by Bwambale Jonan on Nov 24th 2021

This is awesome to learn great truths of the book of Revelation in a distinct and clear manner from the mouth and the pen of Pastor Stephen Bohr. Thanks for the ministry. May the living God gracious and abundantly bless you.

Outstanding bible study
Written by Mary P on Nov 18th 2021

Once again Secrets Unsealed has produced yet another outstanding bible study for those of us who are looking for serious studies in the bible and the spirit of prophecy. I highly recommend this study along with all the others this wonderful ministry has to offer!

Study Notes
Written by Kopano on Nov 6th 2021

A very good set of notes, easy to follow and enables one to investigate further into the word.

Written by Sergio Salido on Oct 19th 2021

Excellent and clear. I have learned so much. Even though I have studied this subject many times. I learned much more and am able to explain them better.

A must Bible study
Written by Rodley on Oct 12th 2021

Wonderful study. Still amazed by the Bible and Spirit of prophecy. Thank you Ps Bhor. Blessings.

From the Close of Probation to the New Earth
Written by Timothy Sjostrom on Oct 5th 2021

Full of information and in depth study on the Revelation chapters 15 to 22. I have enjoyed listening and following along with the Study Guide.

Highly recommend
Written by Sadharan Manushy on Oct 2nd 2021

Perfect study to know in details for the end time event sequence. Must read.

Written by Barry Opseth on Sep 16th 2021

Thank you so much Pastor Bohr and staff. This is the best series so far. Not only is the camera and graphics spectacular, but the content is so relevant for us today. God Bless and keep up the good work.

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