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Many people ask their doctor friends for some free medical advice to help their conditions. Dr. Milton Teske reminds us that we, as Seventh-day Adventists, have been blessed with a wealth of health advice directly from the Creator of man and the Source of all healing, as shared freely in the writings of Ellen G. White.

Her writings on health were ahead of her time and have influenced many to reach for a higher standard. Her book "The Ministry of Healing" shows how Jesus is the great Medical Missionary who longs to see us well and happy. He turned no one away who sought His healing touch and His heart is still with us in sympathy and healing.

Ellen White spoke up about the inhumane treatment of animals, the dangers of meat eating, and even the dangers in the use of dairy in an age of increasing disease in animals. On January 1, 1900 she spoke about the need for the church to support the health food industry, which was to provide nutritious substitutes for meat eating and dairy use as more and more people would become vegetarian and vegan.

Dr. Teske shares the fascinating story of Robert Cohen, a Jewish man who has done extensive research about the dangers of using dairy products today.

Dr. Teske shows how meat, cheese and other high fat animal products are scientifically unquestionably tied to an increase in heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome and several other diseases so prevalent in society today. He also shares some thought-provoking facts about listeria being recently found in recalled cheese and talks about new data on mad cow disease and the dangers of prions even affecting milk.

It is high time to be choosing God's original diet of fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables for us to replace the nutrients in meat and dairy foods. Only half of Seventh-day Adventists today are vegetarians and many of us need a reform in diet. God is testing us like He did Namaan to place ourselves by faith in a position of obedience to His counsels, so He sees that we trust in Him enough to heed His free medical advice so He can work in us to heal us.

Dr. Teske also shares some testimonies from patients that have gone through the NEWSTART program at Weimar Institute and have had miraculous recoveries. He ends this fascinating presentation by challenging us to improve our diets and for ministers and people to work together to advance health reform and prove why the health message is closely connected to the success of the third angel's message.

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