Dr. Daniel Schlund's Vesper Program on Sleep - CD

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If you are chronically tired or have difficulty sleeping, this presentation may offer you some helpful ideas to more naturally improve sleep quality and quantity. Dr. Daniel Schlund talks about the importance of a good night's sleep in a dark room to take advantage of the prime hours when serotonin, melatonin and growth hormone are produced. These are necessary for well being, stress repair and a properly functioning immune system. Proper sleep is essential to the health of mind, body and soul. We should live positively and lay all our daily cares at the feet of Jesus instead of carrying them to bed with us.  Dr. Schlund discusses sleep apnea and common insomnia, as well as some of their treatments and various levels of side effects that may occur with different forms of sleep medication. With some fairly simple changes, some people can routinely realize the sleep they need.

Lack of Quality Sleep can Cause: •   Irritability and belligerence •   Trouble coping with stress •   Depression and mental instability •   Decreased reaction time and accidents •   Decreased immunity and resistance to disease •   Poor work performance •   Decreased resistance to temptation

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