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Some in the church today think that God is so loving and kind that He is not involved at all in the destruction of sinful man. Is this true?

This two-part series answers the following questions:

Does God actively destroy sinners or does He simply withdraw His presence until they are left defenseless and then Satan steps in to destroy them?

Are there examples in biblical passages that show it can happen either way?

Why does the Bible say that God hardened Pharaoh's heart, yet in other places it says that Pharaoh himself hardened it?

Can families and nations, as well as individuals, commit the unpardonable sin?

In the Bible, Jesus is called both a "Man of war, mighty in battle" and the "Prince of peace". How can we reconcile the Old Testament stories of war and the wiping out of entire nations with the loving character of God as displayed in Jesus, the One Who told us to "turn the other cheek"?

Did these nations have plenty of chances to clearly understand and choose the gospel?

What has archaeology revealed about their wicked practices?

Was God fair and just in wiping out children in the Flood and in the conquering of Canaan?

Are there two different types of God as the Gnostics taught?

Did God somehow change from a capricious, wrathful and vengeful Being, as some believe He is portrayed in the Old Testament, to a long-suffering, loving and meek God in the New Testament dispensation?

Why did God tell us "You shall not kill" when He kills?

Do not His commandments reveal His character?

How does the final destruction of the wicked illustrate the love of God?

Is our modern concept of the word "love" really true love?

What is the motive that many are hiding while questioning God's authority?

If you have ever struggled with these issues concerning the understanding of the balance between the love and justice of God, then this series is a lifesaver, as it clearly, simply and powerfully explains this often confusing subject.

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