Daniel & Revelation 10 - DVD Set

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A two part series.

In this miniseries, filmed live at the Michigan Conference 2009 Camp meeting, Pastor Bohr explains how the structure of the book of Daniel reveals several characteristics that divide it into two main sections.

Most of chapters 1-7 of Daniel was well understood by Christians before 1844, but chapters 8-12 are a "little book" within the book, that would only be understood when the heavenly sanctuary was to be cleansed at the end of the 2,300 days and the three angels' judgment hour message would be revealed and proclaimed.

This is the "little book" that Revelation 10 predicted would be unsealed in the time of the end, when the investigative judgment would unmask the blasphemy and evil work that the "little horn" power had been doing for 1,260 years. The timing and events of the pre-Advent investigative judgment is a doctrine unique to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

No passage in Scripture so clearly identifies the message, mission and historical origin of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as does Revelation 10-11:1. Pastor Bohr combs this passage in all of its details. He shows how it is sequenced and why its events must occur during the time period between 1798 and 1844. The message of the mysterious seven thunders is explained, as is the Angel who comes down from heaven; the little book which is unsealed and open in His hand; the meaning of the phrase "There shall be time no longer" and how it has been corrupted by many modern versions of the Bible; what is meant by measuring the temple and its worshipers; what the sweet message was that suddenly made the stomach of John bitter and why that experience would turn into a blessing.

Pastor Bohr shows how a similar bitter experience happened near the end of the 70 week prophecy, when the disciples misunderstood what Jesus was about to do on the cross in His work of salvation. He also shares several touchingly poignant quotes from people who experienced the Great Disappointment at the end of the 2,300 day prophecy in 1844.

These clear and thrilling presentations will strengthen your faith in God's leading in giving us the message of present truth and will help you in sharing with your friends why our church is a prophetic movement led by God for proclaiming this final message of mercy and judgment for these last days.

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Daniel 10 DVD
Written by Harriett Whited on Jul 30th 2019

I have not watched the dvd yet. I am taking it up to my brother-in-law to see. I saw it on YouTube and was so impressed I had to get it for him to see! I would rate as a 10!!!!

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