Cracking the Genesis Code

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 Study Notes have 241 pages and cover the first 32 lessons only. | There are a total of 52 sermons in this audio/video series.

Don't miss this life changing experience. These presentations will help you comprehend the intimate relationship between the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and the last book, Revelation. 

On the surface the book of Genesis appears to be a mere collection of ancient stories. But don't be fooled! Beneath the external simplicity lies a secret code which, when broken, reveals in no uncertain terms what will happen in the future.  

Individual Titles - (2 Sermons per DVD)

  1. Cracking the Genesis Code
  2. The Serpent, the Woman and the Seed
  3. History's Golden Thread
  4. History's Hidden Conspiracy
  5. Messiah's Family Tree
  6. The Paradox of Good & Evil
  7. What on Earth Is Happening?
  8. The Genuine & the Counterfeit
  9. The Giant Slayer
  10. Quality Time in the Rat Race of Life
  11. The (Almost) Forgotten Day
  12. Two Devastating End Time Deceptions
  13. Noah's Flood: Myth or Fact
  14. New Age or Old Lie?
  15. Keys to Mysteries of Life & Death
  16. Lessons from Sodom & Gomorrah
  17. Globalism & New World Order
  18. Abraham & Covenant Promises
  19. Israel & the Palestinians
  20. The Battle for World Dominion
  21. The Prince & the Dragon
  22. The Antichrist & the # 666
  23. 911 & the Destiny of America
  24. Lessons From a Forbidden Tree
  25. Armageddon: Earth's Final Battle
  26. Genesis and the 144,000
  27. Genesis & Revelation's Millennium
  28. How to Overcome Guilt & Failure
  29. The 8 Health Secrets in Genesis
  30. How to Invest in your Future
  31. Sow  a Character, Reap a Destiny
  32. How to Choose the Right Church
  33. Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  34. The Return of the War Hero
  35. God's Heavenly Council
  36. The Ladder and the Tower
  37. Genesis and the Gift of Prophecy
  38. Innocent until Proven Guilty
  39. The Base Crime of Amalgamation
  40. God's Method of Discipline
  41. Unshakable and Unbreakable Faith
  42. And they Lived Happily Ever After
  43. One Greater than Joseph
  44. The Matchmaker
  45. History's Invisible Guide
  46. The Enemy Within the Gates
  47. The Priesthood of Melchizedek
  48. Eternal Loss for a Plate of Lentils
  49. The Time of Jacob's Trouble
  50. The Enoch Generation
  51. Creation's Travail and Deliverance
  52. A Warning to the Mockers


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Written by Valerie Schad on Apr 6th 2023

This was the first series I watched on 3ABN. Oh my, I had never heard Pastor Bohr before. I bought the series and Study Notes and went carefully through it for my devotionals. I also bought this series for my church library and other churches too. Pastor Bohr presents each topic as a teacher would and it’s quite obvious he loves history and digging deep into a subject. After completing this series, I searched for others that he has done. How Pastor Bohr does so much research and brings subjects to light in such a way that is so interesting has me really happy that he cares to do this much such. I really like long series and don’t mind whatever version of the Bible is used. I really was blessed by this!

Bible Version
Written by Sue Uttech on May 24th 2021

My only comment is in using the study guide I would have much preferred you using the KJV of the bible and not some spurious version that is corrupt. Sad that you use a version that has so many errors within it. Praying that you will eliminate this version and use only the KJV. Warm Regards, sue

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