Christ or Antichrist

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Speaker Pastor Stephen Bohr


  1. Christ or Antichrist Part 1
  2. Christ or Antichrist Part 2

There is much discussion today in the Christian world about the identity of the coming Antichrist. Who is he, where will he rise and what will he do? Is it just possible that the Christian world is setting itself up for a great deception by looking for him in the wrong place? In this presentation, Pastor Bohr clearly shows that the Antichrist is not an evil person that will rise to power in the Middle East but rather a system that claims to be Christian but betrays the Lord. Those who do not know who the Antichrist is will end up worshiping him so this presentation is a matter of life and death!

These presentations are the icing on the cake to Pastor Bohr's "God's Prophetic Chain" series.

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