The Wise Shall Understand - MP3

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Speakers: Pastor Stephen Bohr and Dr. Milton Teske


  1. Daniel's Little Book by Stephen Bohr
  2. Ellen White's View of Daniel 11 by Stephen Bohr
  3. Caffeine: Satan's Most Effective Brain Disrupter, Part 1 by Milton Teske
  4. Caffeine: Satan's Most Effective Brain Disrupter, Part 2 by Milton Teske
  5. The Sanctuary and the Book of Revelation by Stephen Bohr
  6. The Literary Structure of Revelation 12-22 by Stephen Bohr
  7. The Literary Structure of the Millennium by Stephen Bohr

When speaking of the great deceptions in the last days, what does it take to be wise or one of the very elect? Understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and their literary structure. The understanding of the wise also takes place within the electrical currents of the mind. Explore the biochemistry behind Satan's most successful chemical attack on brain function.  Knowledge of truth must be imbued with the precious graces of faith, hope and love in order to attain completeness and excellence in becoming Christlike. The insights presented will help you to combine both mercy and truth together to form a potent life of winning appeal when sharing your faith.  Witness the Bible come to life through this series, and personally experience God's guarantee that "the wise shall understand!"

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