The Song of Moses and the Lamb - DVD Singles

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  1. The Song of Moses
  2. The Song of the Lamb

In this miniseries, Pastor Bohr's gift of comparative analysis of history and prophecy answers the puzzling question of why the 144,000, as described in the book of Revelation, will sing both the Song of Moses as well as the Song of the Lamb in heaven on the Sea of Glass in the end of time.You will thrill as you understand that the events of the Exodus were history that will be repeated in many respects on a worldwide scale in end-time spiritual Babylon and spiritual Israel.

We can decipher prophecy more clearly and learn encouraging lessons that will help us face the days ahead as we compare the stories of the plagues that befell Egypt, the mark on the door posts, the pillar of fire and cloud of darkness, the Red Sea crossing and drying up of its waters, with Revelation's description of the drying up of the Euphrates and the seven last plagues that will fall on the unrepentant. We see how we must learn the same lessons of humility that Moses learned and unlearn much of what the world has taught us before God can work with mighty power through His people at the end to deliver those held in slavery in spiritual Babylon.

The Sabbath that Pharaoh fought so hard against will again become an issue during the time of the mark of the beast as the world tries to force people to break God's special rest day. And we will learn through the time of trouble how to rely on God just as Moses did on that great day of deliverance.

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