The Sanctified Life - Study Notes

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This is an in-depth study on the 144,000.

175 pages

Pastor Bohr digs deep into the study of the 144,000. What are the Biblical sources for the 144,000? What passages of scripture do we need to study in order to understand the meaning of the 144,000? Who are they? At what state in history will they live? In what context do they appear in the book of Revelation? Why do they appear in that particular spot in the Book of Revelation? Is the number literal or symbolic? What is meant by the fact that they are called virgins? Does this mean that those who are unmarried cannot belong to this group? Why is there a change in the symbolism in scripture from a pure women to men who are not defiled with women?  In what sense are the 144000 called first fruits of the Lamb? Are these first in time or first in quality? What is the seal that the 144,000 will receive? Will the group be composed of literal Israelites from the literal 12 tribes of Israel? What is the relationship between the 144,000 and the great multitude? Why are the names of the 12 tribes of Israel written on the gates of the new Jerusalem? Why is the list different than in Genesis 49? Why are Dan and Ephraim missing from the list in Revelation 7? What relationship exists between this group and those who will rise in the special resurrection? Will Ellen G. White and Mrs. Hastings belong to this select group? What will be character of the 144,000? How will they be able to develop such a character?  How are they related to the day of atonement and the judgment of the living?

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