The Peter Principle

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Peter the apostle had a devotional love and natural-born talent that Jesus knew was hidden below his outward roughness and impulsiveness. He had many flaws displayed throughout Scripture that needed the refinement of the Master's touch. He was self-confident, selfish, and he, along with the rest of the disciples, hoped for a Messiah that would deliver Israel from Roman rule and honor His disciples with riches and honor.

In this sermon, Pastor Bohr takes us on a biographical journey through his life and how he was changed by Christ's love and acceptance after he had denied Him, despite his boastful words the previous night that he would never desert Him.

All of Peter's natural abilities would be of no real good to the kingdom of God until he came to the view that he was nothing on his own, that his cherished views and selfish ambitions had led to his fall and that he needed true conversion.

Find out the real reason Peter denied Jesus; what it was that fully convinced him that, despite His death, Jesus really was the Messiah; and see an example of how Christ can change our rough edges and lead us to a full surrender to Him. Amazingly, in a matter of weeks, Peter was changed from a man ashamed of His Lord to the bold preacher of Pentecost and a man bravely willing to die for Jesus.

In this story lies the secret to overcoming sin, being truly converted, staying freshly converted and being more deeply imbued with the Holy Spirit.

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