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  1. The Bible's Two Mysteries
  2. The Two Crowns
  3. The Immensity of God
  4. The Four Sins of Pride
  5. Agony and Ecstasy
  6. Bury Your Leprosy

In this practical and heart-searching series, based on Philippians 2:5-11, Pastor Bohr analyzes the principles and motives which govern the two great overall mysteries of the Bible: the mystery of Godliness, founded and revealed in Christ, and the mystery of iniquity, founded and revealed in Lucifer. Jesus left the infinite splendors and power that He had in heaven and "made Himself of no reputation" as He came down to earth as one of us to live and die in order to show us and the whole universe what self-sacrificing love means. Satan, on the other hand, selfishly grasps for whatever power, glory and riches he can get, no matter who he tramples upon in the process.Whichever principle and law we choose to follow will result in whether we live or die in the end. There is no middle ground or way of escape for anyone in choosing between these two opposing mysteries.

Pastor Bohr discusses how baptism symbolizes our change from our natural desire to hold on to the inheritance we received from Adam. Everyone in life must either choose to remain "in Adam" and die in our unrenewed natures or to submit to a change in families and lifestyles and become a new creation of life "in Christ". He also unfolds in touching detail how Christ had to suffer the experience of the cross before He could receive the crown of victory, as an example of how we must also bear the cross when we change masters. All pride, selfishness, and desire for supremacy must be weeded out of us through trial, temptation, humility and suffering, before we can be safe to join the society of heaven. Because our natures have been so weakened by sin, we have to especially be extremely careful with four areas which can easily cater to pride-wisdom, beauty, riches and power-so that we do not fall into the same trap as Satan did when he abused and misused those blessings to glorify and minister to himself instead of others. Pastor Bohr explains why God asks us now in this world of sin to restrain from things that can easily ensnare us, such as adorning ourselves with jewelry, even though originally He adorned Satan with precious stones and will once again restore crowns of jewels to us in heaven.

This is a much-needed series, designed for all of us who are struggling with self, insubordination, and pride and who wish to delve more deeply into the mysteries of redemption and be changed by beholding His character of love and selflessness. You will come away from it asking yourself: "Who is truly my center of gravity? Who is my self-worth and image based upon? Where does my true value come from? How can I follow Paul's counsel that 'whatever you do, do all to the glory of God' (1 Cor.10:31)."

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