The Fundamental Ten

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Did you know that all of our Fundamental Beliefs are found in the Ten Commandments? Ecclesiastes 12:13 says they contain "the whole duty of man".

Pastor Bohr has shown in other presentations that all of our doctrines can be found in Genesis; in the sanctuary service; in the prophetic works; and now he shows that they are also all contained in the Law of God.

In an age where people can hardly name all ten commandments, call them ten suggestions, make up their own rules or adjust and discard some to suit their tastes, if they would only look at how those foundational rules that Jesus gave on Sinai for man's happiness could bring them a better life, they would exclaim with the psalmist "Oh, how I love Your law"! (Psalm 119:97)

Find out the principles drawn from the Law of God that you can use in witnessing to others about our beliefs, practices and more abundant lifestyle.

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