The Ecumenical Movement

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There are two presentations in this series by Pastor Stephen Bohr:

  1. Papists, Protestants & Worldlings
  2. The Ben Carson Factor

  This series can also be heard on our youtube.com/secretsunsealed chanel. Blessings!


Note: We would like to thank one of our viewers for bringing the following to our attention:
I enjoy your last tape: The Ben Carson Factor. For the future you will have to do a correction– residential candidate Ted Cruz wife (Heiti Nelson Cruz) – is not a Seventh Day Adventist as you pointed out in your preaching. She’s a Southern Baptist member like her husband Ted. She was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist by both missionary parents. Check out “Heiti Cruz Wikipedia” It is good to give correct information to the public. Keep up the good work, will see you in heaven soon.

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