The Biblical View of Temptation - DVD Set

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Titles - (Both Sermons are included on one DVD)

  1. Yield not to Temptation
  2. His Temptation and Ours
  • Was Jesus truly "tempted in all points as we are" (Heb. 4:15)?
  • Could He have sinned?
  • Can He truly understand us in our struggles and failings?
  • Why was it such a huge temptation for Him to jump off a building and desire a world He already owned?
  • What do His temptations have to do with the movies, TV, bad language, alcohol, drugs, sex, rock music and a myriad of other temptations that hit us from all sides today?
  • Is it possible to overcome all temptations such as He did?
  • If so, what are the secrets to victory?
  • Why did Jesus overcome while Adam didn't?
  • Did Christ take the nature of Adam before his fall, after his fall, or some of both, and does it matter at all?
  • How were Christ's temptations in the wilderness very similar to the ones we will face during the period of the mark of the beast and the time of trouble?
  • Can we make excuses when we stand before the judgment, such as: "I'm too weak. The world is too powerful. The devil made me do it"?
Pastor Bohr makes the temptations of Christ in the wilderness come alive, as he looks behind the scenes at what Satan was trying to accomplish by his careful choosing of each of them. He discusses the three categories of temptation that Jesus faced and how they relate to all of the temptations we have to struggle with.
Christ had a clear disadvantage compared to what Adam had when he faced temptation in a perfect Eden and without the 4,000 years of sin which weakened the heredity Jesus took upon Himself. Pastor Bohr discusses how far He took our liabilities and weaknesses upon Himself and how His trials were more difficult for Him to face than ours are for us to face.
If you have ever thought that Christ's temptations were a mere legal form that He could not fail to pass, or that they were not something especially relevant to the trials we humans face, this series will show you why His victory over them was so important to our salvation and to God's reputation and why His struggle was not some piece of cake. It will give you several thought-provoking examples of how we so often fail in these very same three categories of sin today.
This series will encourage you that if we wish to successfully overcome any temptation or trial Satan may send our way, "Our only questions will be, What is God's command? and what His promise? Knowing these, we shall obey the one and trust the other" (DA 121).

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