The Angel of His Presence

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In the Old Testament we find a Being called by various mysterious names, such as "The Angel of His (God's) Presence", "The Prince of the Covenant", "Michael the Archangel", "The Angel of the Lord", and "The Captain of the Lord's Hosts". Have you ever wondered why all these names are used to represent Jesus? Why is He called an Angel, when He is eternal God? Does this make Him less in nature, importance and authority than God the Father? Who are these "hosts" that Jesus' commands? Why does Exodus say in one place that Moses could not see God's face and live, yet in another place it says that he spoke with God face to face? What important lesson do all these names teach us as an example for our own personal spiritual lives?

Pastor Bohr explores the Bible stories that use these various terms, starting from their first use in the story of Hagar and the Angel of the Lord that appeared to her to promise the blessing of a son and to explain his future. She called this angel "God", as did Jacob when he wrestled all night with the Angel, and as Manoah and his wife did when the Angel appeared to give them directions about how to raise Samson. Moses saw this same Angel in the burning bush, Who called Himself "I Am" and "the God of your fathers". This Angel promised Moses that He would lead Israel from Egypt and we find this same Being later saying in the Ten Commandments that He was the One Who had led Israel from Egypt. He is also shown to be the Angel in the pillar of cloud and fire Who God the Father appointed to continually watch over Israel in their travels in the desert. If Christians could only see more clearly that Jesus was the One who gave the Ten Commandments and led Israel, they would appreciate the meaning of the Old Testament and honor all of those Commandments far more than many today do.

Pastor Bohr also explores the use of these terms in the stories of Joshua and the Commander Who visited Him at Jericho; the Angel seen in Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace; Balaam and the Angel; Joshua the High Priest clothed by the Angel in Zechariah; and Daniel's description of the little horn that would try to take away the position and authority of the "Prince of the Host". He also shows without any doubt that Jesus is Michael the Archangel Who will raise the dead at the resurrection, and what the term "Archangel" signifies.

This jewel of a sermon explains the relation of Jesus to His Father and why they are both equal as God, yet at the same time He has subordinated Himself as Commander of the angels, and has subordinated Himself much further in becoming a Man as the Head of our race. It teaches that one of the very highest attributes of God is humility and how we must become like Jesus in spirit if we ever hope to make it to His kingdom. God could not expect any of His created beings to be humble and serve others unless the Godhead showed the example of humility and service first.

"In all their affliction He was afflicted, and the Angel of His Presence saved them: in His love and in His pity He redeemed them; and He bare them, and carried them all the days of old" (Isa. 63:9).

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