The 24 Elders - DVD Set

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  1. Mission Accomplished
  2. The Return of the War Hero
  3. Who Are The 24 Elders?
  4. Earth's Two Representatives
  5. Redeemed From The Earth?
  6. Future History and Functions

Hands down, the question that people most frequently ask Secrets Unsealed is: Who are the 24 elders and what role do they play in heaven? What do we know for certain about this group?  Are they the first-fruits that came forth from the tomb when Jesus resurrected?  Will we ever have the opportunity of meeting them?  Do they have any role in the administration of the universe?  What lessons can we learn from the work that they perform?  There are many surprises packed up in this five part series. You will find certain answers from the Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy!

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24 Elders
Written by Terry Stokes on Aug 9th 2018

My husband and I love this DVD set. It is so clear and so beautiful. I first taped some of these on my recorder and listened at bedtime. So glad to have these DVD's to watch all we want. Thanks Stephen Bohr...so love to listen to you.

Written by Lynda Prosser on Jul 23rd 2018

Very good presentation and it is out on loan to a Home group that my friend is doing

The 24 Elders
Written by Layton Robinson on Apr 12th 2018

I have not watched all of the six DVD's yet, but I've known about Pastor Bohr's studies on the subject for some time. When I found these DVD's I wanted to go into a deeper study so I could better explain it to others. I have been in the S.D.A. Church for 36 yrs. and I have never seen anyone else present this subject in any form. Thank you, Pastor Bohr!!

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