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The Titles in This Series Are:

  1. The Enoch Generation
  2. The Terminal Generation
  3. 144,000: Literal or Symbolic Number?
  4. The Special Resurrection
  5. No Lie in Their Mouths
  6. The 12 Sons of Jacob
  7. The Case of the Missing Tribe
  8. Without Fault

The special end-time group of 144,000, spoken about in the book of Revelation, has puzzled prophecy readers for ages. This series discusses many questions about them, including the following:

  • Who is this mysterious group of people?
  • When and where will they live?
  • What will they be like in character?
  • What makes them so special and distinguishes them from other generations of believers down throughout history?
  • What kind of seal are they sealed with?
  • Are they composed of the exact number 144,000, consisting of 12 groups of exactly 12,000 literal Israelites from each of the 12 tribes, who are all male virgins, as many prophecy teachers teach today, or are they symbolic of something else?
  • Do they differ from the related group called "the great multitude" in Revelation 7?
  • What does the story of the experience of Enoch have to do with this group?
  • What is involved in the subject of "the special resurrection", which happens to those who have believed in the third angel's message, but who have died before Jesus comes?
  • What startling things will happen when the sifting of false from true believers comes?
  • How do "three spirits like frogs" prevent compromising Christians and the world from having "the love of the truth" and thus being sealed by believing and practicing it?
  • What is the significance of the 12 gates leading into the New Jerusalem and how does the history of Jacob's sons give us hope in our struggles with sin?
  • What sobering lesson does the exclusion of the tribe of Dan from the 12 tribes listed in Revelation teach us?

We are to "strive with all the power God has given us to be among the 144,000" (RH March 9, 1905). Why is it so important to be in that group and to understand this subject? How can we ever reach that state of being without fault when we stand before God and face the time of trouble? Is it even possible? Pastor Bohr discusses all these questions and more in this thrilling, not-to-be-missed series.

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