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Author: Pastor Stephen Bohr | Soft cover, 48 pages 

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Book Description

Two Men in the field. One is taken … the other is left.

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ reveals who the lost and the saved will be at the end of time. But what did He mean when He said that some would be taken - and some would be left?

For ages, prophecy teachers have offered contradictory explanations of this enigmatic passage. The popular rapture theory, for instance, says that those who are left are the unbelievers. Others say differently. But how can we know if one position or another is truly supported by Scripture?

Typically, this debate centers exclusively on the context of the passage, yet in this case, context alone can be twisted any number of ways. That’s why in this timely study, theologian Stephen Bohr approaches the issue by walking through both the Old and New Testaments to examine how the people in Jesus’ time and throughout the Bible would have understood these terms.

Step by step, he builds an ironclad case that will carry you to a carefully researched conclusion that you can trust - giving you a powerful foundation that will help open up Bible prophecy to you like never before.

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