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Stephen Bohr

  1. The Sanctuary Worldview
  2. The Dangers of Counterfeit Prophetic Scenarios
  3. The Messiah's Calendar

Gerard Damsteegt

  1. Sola Scriptura: How to Interpret Bible Prophecy
  2. Sola Scriptura, the Reformation, and Ellen G. White


Laurel Damsteegt

A message from Laurel . . . Dear Friend: It was a pleasure to interact with you at the Secrets Unsealed Summit over the weekend. You have requested a copy of the presentation I made on Sabbath morning.

Because the presentation is so large in Apple Keynote, and because I am trying to make it crossplatform I have converted the whole presentation to PDF. It is still large, but hopefully it will go through.
If you are on a Mac, open it in Preview and then under menu item, VIEW choose SLIDESHOW. This will fill your screen and emulate using PowerPoint or Keynote. Please note that I have made a separate slide for each build so that it acts like a presentation. If you do not want that much detail please just eliminate all the extra slides an it will greatly reduce the size of the presentation. If you are on a PC, you can open it in Adobe Reader and that also allows for a full screen presentation mode.
Please do not post it online or distribute it in anyway. But please do use it to God’s glory!
Laurel Damsteegt
  1. The Great Controversy over the Bible


Kameron DeVasher

  1. Is There Room for Doctrine
  2. Is There Room for Ellen White 


Larry Kirkpatrick 

Paul and James: A Contradiction? Case Study: 

  1. Sin and Righteousness
  2. Faith and Works 
  3. Notes on Imputed and Imparted 


Mel Mulder

Sola Scriptura: Does Science Contradict the Creation Story?
Science vs. Pseudo-science - 
Truth vs Falsehood

  1. Handout #1
  2. Handout #2
  3. Handout #3
  4. Handout #4
  5. Handout #5


Dennis Priebe

  1.  Is There Room for Works
  2. Are you Protestant or are you Catholic?


Edwin Reynolds

  1. Biblical Principles for Interpreting Scripture
  2. Hermeneutics and the Reformation
  3. Strange Fire: Unbiblical Hermeneutics
  4. Applying Hermeneutical Methods