Shall We Clap?

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Is God particular about how we worship Him? If so, why? Is it acceptable to God, just because something is becoming popular in other churches, that we feel we must incorporate certain of their modern-day practices into our worship services?

More and more we are seeing the practice of clapping in worship services, but what does the Bible have to say about it?

  • Does the Bible even address clapping in the context of a worship service?
  • Is the clapping of hands a valid way of showing our approval of Who God is as our Creator and what He has done for us?
  • Are there secular things we do that are good in their proper place, but are to be kept separate from sacred things, or is it ok for us to just let it all blend in as many of today's worshipers try to do?
  • What do the examples of Nadab and Abihu, Miriam and Aaron, Korah, Uzzah, Jeroboam and Ananias and Sapphira teach about this?
  • Is our applause an acceptable way of responding to something said or sung in church or is it only appropriate in secular venues?
  • How should we interpret the various "clapping" texts, such as Psalm 47:1 and Isa. 55:2, that are found in the Old Testament?
  • Is the clapping of hands always a positive activity in the Bible?
  • Does the word "clap" necessarily mean applause?
  • In which four contexts is clapping found to be used in Scripture?
  • Why is the New Testament silent on this issue?
  • Just because the Bible doesn't forbid something directly, does that mean it is ok to do?
  • How did the angels welcome the Messiah at His birth?
  • How does the Bible portray worship responses used by heavenly beings in the heavenly sanctuary and can we use those same responses in our churches?
  • How closely should worship on earth be connected to worship in heaven?
  • Does Ellen White speak anywhere about any dangers of applause in worship?
  • Is it appropriate to use sacred responses at secular events?

In this exhaustive study by Pastor Bohr, you will hear solid biblical answers to many arguments used in favor of clapping in the worship service. You may well have your eyes opened to look at this issue in a whole new light or you may find more reasons to confirm why you already believe clapping is to be left for activities outside of worship.

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