Saturday Night At The Movies

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This is a life-shaking sermon not to be overlooked. It will be one of the most important you have ever listened to.

Pastor Bohr shares his own experience and in a caring, kind and yet deeply convicting manner gives seven solid reasons from Scripture why watching movies, TV and video games destroys people spiritually more than any other influence in our land.

  • How are movies like alcohol?
  • Is an unseen hypnotic power lulling us to sleep during the "boring" sermon hour, yet riveting our attention for two hours on the edge of our seats when we watch movies?
  • Are we expanding our minds through time spent in spiritual matters or dwarfing them on a carnal diet of junk food?
  • Are we really Christ-centered Seventh-day Adventists, as our profession says, with our hearts, interests and desires located in heaven and in the truth for this time?
  • It is required in stewards that they be found faithful (1Cor.4:2). Are we using our time, money, and influence to promote the kingdom of God or the kingdom of darkness?
  • Have we stopped to consider that if by beholding God we become changed into His likeness, the opposite also is true?
  • Are movies leading us to be unprepared for the days soon to break upon us and destroying the "army of youth" that God longs to train to finish His work?
  • Do we ever "cause the Holy One to cease from before us" by wanting our pastors to "speak unto us smooth things" (Isa.30:10-11) and to avoid or diminish the importance of subjects like this?

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