Rebuilding the Wall - CD Set

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  1. Rebuilding the Wall Part 1
  2. Rebuilding the Wall Part 2

In this two-part series, Pastor Bohr brings out many important lessons from Nehemiah’s day that apply to the church's rebuilding of God's spiritual Jerusalem today.

He discusses the fall of Jerusalem; the return of Israel from captivity in Babylon; the well-organized leadership of Nehemiah in the rebuilding of the temple and the city wall; the various devices laid out by Israel's enemies to hinder the work; and then parallels them with God's work of reform and restoration of "every divine institution" (PK 678) through His remnant church in the end times.

We will face the same issues and difficulties in repairing the breaches made in the protective wall of God's law and the Sabbath by the desolating powers that compose spiritual Babylon. We may discuss all the signs of the end as we wish, but Jesus cannot come again until we fulfill our mission by dedicating our all in unitedly building up and proclaiming the everlasting gospel, as given in the three angels' messages, to the whole world today.

This series will inspire and motivate you to act your part in rebuilding the wall.

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