Prisoner of Hope

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"Our institutions of learning may swing into worldly conformity. Step by step they may advance to the world; but they are prisoners of hope, and God will correct and enlighten them, and bring them back to their upright position of distinction from the world." (FE 290).

If you have interest in our students, educational systems, and philosophies don't miss this one!  Concerned about many of our schools struggling to keep attendance up in these times and economy,  Pastor Bohr takes a fresh look at the philosophy and objective of Christian education and what makes it a true success.  He also shares some ideas as to what can be done to uplift things to a more successful level.

  • How important is it to send our children to a school where they will learn truth instead of error?
  • Is it worth the high cost?
  • What factors influence the lessening numbers of students in many of our schools?
  • Why are there waiting lists to get in at some Christian schools, while many of ours are struggling?
  • Have we lost our focus?
  • Is it the parents who want to spend more on temporal things than on spiritual preparation for their children?
  • Are we too "rich and increased with goods" and do not see our need?
  • Are our schools free from blame or are there improvements they could make to better follow the counsel given to us?
  • What part does industry and useful practical knowledge play in the success of our schools?
  • Is that being replaced by amusement and sports that are harming students' views on our mission and reasons for being Christians?
  • Why were the schools of the prophets started in the days of Elisha and how did that relate to home schooling?

There is important counsel given that would help our schools and students out so much.  Pastor Bohr shares some touching stories of the value of Christian education.

For those who may feel discouraged about some of the trends in our schools, or feel tempted to not send their children, Pastor Bohr gives encouragement that, despite some problems, they are still better than public schools that teach so many things that are harmful to young minds.  He does not condemn those who choose to attend public schools for various reasons. Yet he encourages us to look again at the importance of our schools.

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