Naked and Ashamed

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In this sermon, Pastor Bohr discusses the three stages of the judgment as found in Revelation. There is a pre-Advent judgment of the righteous, which is going on in heaven right now; a judgment which will be done by the righteous in heaven during the Millennium to answer questions why the wicked were lost and then to determine their punishment; and a final stage after the Millennium of revealing to the resurrected wicked why they were lost. In most Christian's minds the judgment is a one time event at the coming of Christ, but this message will show it is a lengthy process that is designed to show all the universe that God is just and fair in how He judges. It also explains the seeming contradiction of why the Bible says that we are judged by our works and our commandment keeping, yet it also says that we are saved by faith alone.

Pastor Bohr ends by looking at the call in Revelation 3:18 for the Laodicean church to clothe their nakedness with His robe of righteousness and compares it with the warning in Revelation 16:15 concerning those lost who will have not "kept their garments on so they may not go naked and be ashamed". God will hold us accountable for the evil we have done, as well as the good that we didn't do when we had an opportunity, as shown in the parable of Matthew 25:31-46 by those surprised that they were not saved. This sermon is a solemn call for believers to be ready for the judgment of God. "Then many who had professed to be Christ's followers, but who had not honored God in their lives, enumerate their good deeds performed when they lived upon the earth, and entreat to be admitted into the city. They plead that their names were upon the church books, and they had prophesied in the name of Christ, and in his name cast out devils, and done many wonderful works. Christ answers, Your cases have been decided. Your names are not found enrolled in the book of life. You professed to believe in my name, but you trampled upon the law of God. I know you not, depart from Me ye workers of iniquity." (3SG 85-86)

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