Misunderstood Texts on the State of the Dead

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Note: This series will be discontinued June 30, 2021, and will be replaced by "Misinterpreted Texts on the State of the Dead".

What happens when a person dies?  Is death the end of the road?  Does man have an immortal soul, which leaves the body at the moment of death or is death merely a period of unconscious sleep until the resurrection?  In this incisive 12-part series, Pastor Bohr meticulously examines Bible texts dealing with these questions in order to ascertain what they really teach.


  1. The Right to the Tree of Life
  2. The Thief and the Witch
  3. The Rich Man and Lazarus
  4. Paul's Dilemma: To Stay or to Depart?
  5. Absent from the Body & Present with the Lord
  6. Preaching to the Spirits in Prison
  7. Rachel's Departing Soul
  8. The Keys of Hades
  9. The Dead Who Stand Before God
  10. The Souls Under the Altar
  11. Undying Worm & Unquenchable Fire
  12. Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead?



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