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Knowing what happens when you die is a critical matter of life or death.  Be Certain, Don't Be Fooled!


  1. The Right to the Tree of Life
  2. The Thief and the Witch
  3. The Rich Man and Lazarus
  4. Paul's Dilemma: To Stay or to Depart?
  5. Absent from the Body & Present with the Lord
  6. Preaching to the Spirits in Prison
  7. Rachel's Departing Soul
  8. The Keys of Hades
  9. The Dead Who Stand Before God
  10. The Souls Under the Altar
  11. Undying Worm & Unquenchable Fire
  12. Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection of the Dead?
What happens when a person dies?  Is death the end of the road?  Does man have an immortal soul, which leaves the body at the moment of death or is death merely a period of unconscious sleep until the resurrection?  In this incisive 12-part series, Pastor Bohr meticulously examines Bible texts dealing with these questions in order to ascertain what they really teach.
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Misunderstood Texts on the Dead
Written by Frankie Owens on Jul 8th 2021

The material on the state of the dead, has help me understand the true meaning of the Scripture text.

Misunderstood Texts
Written by Barbara Myers on May 7th 2021

Thank you Pr. Bohr, your explanation of the texts on the State of The Dead, helped me to understand these verses.

Misunderstood Texts on the State of the Dead
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Feb 9th 2021


Written by Barry Opseth on Feb 6th 2021

An incredible study guide that clearly points out the false doctrine that many Christians hold, that is the eternal existence of the soul. Thank you so much Pastor Bohr and God Bless you and your ministry.

Understanding the condition of the dead
Written by Joel Ramirez on Nov 29th 2020

Great description and well explained. Very helpful material for Bible study.

Extensive yet concise
Written by Nadine on May 12th 2020

The notes presented in this study are very rich with scriptural support, and cover every question that I have been about the state of the dead. It even looks at views I am unfamiliar with. I'm grateful for having come across the sermon and site.

State of the Dead download
Written by j douglas on Dec 12th 2019

Not knowing the “state of dead” as found in the bible is a primary stumbling block to all disciples! Beloved Pastor Bohr continues to apply healing balm and salve in this well presented biblical truth! GOD BLESS thank you.

State of the dead, anchor Dan & Rev
Written by Kwabena Boateng on Mar 14th 2019

Stephen Bohr is a God sent and God has used him to explain so much to me. I found Stephen Bohr in 2011 and I seek any presentation he’s done to increase my biblical knowledge. Thank you

Misunderstood Texts on Death
Written by Steve Sage on Nov 15th 2018

If Jesus had an Immortal Soul, and remained in Hell only 3 days, then Jesus Sacrifice was incomplete, and He cannot be our Savior. Satan teaches that, and people who teach this Doctrine of Devils need to repent. Thank you Jesus for moving Pastor Bohr to publish this wonderful truth that exalts Jesus and rescues us...

Misunderstood Texts on the State of the Dead - Review
Written by Nedra on Jul 5th 2018

I never knew how clear the teachings of the Bible are until I found the Secrets Unsealed website - pray that God will continue to use Pr Bohr and his team mightly to complete His work on earth.

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