Jewelry in the SDA Church, Why? - Book

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The question of jewelry among God’s people has been a matter of controversy for centuries.  Moses, who wrote Genesis over 1500 years before Christ, was aware of the problem as well as many other prophets.  More recently, it seems, that what the church took for granted, so to speak, (that jewelry was not acceptable) has fallen into an attitude of laxness.  Problems for laity and ministers, especially have been compounded by the decision published by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists which allows anyone who can wear a wedding band without doing violence to their conscience, to do so.

To many minds, the wearing of a wedding band may or may not constitute an ethical issue.  The writer believes the subject to be an ethical issue since it involves “the consideration of norms and principles, which come to bear on future consequences”.  Lately there has been a trend to justify the wearing of some forms of jewelry based largely on the argument of cultural differences between North Americans and other cultures.

In this study we will take a look at the historical evidence available, the scriptural evidence, and finally the ethical considerations and options.

Chapter Titles

  1. A Brief History of Jewelry Use
  2. How Did Jewelry Get Into The Church?
  3. God’s Attitude About Jewelry
  4. If God Did Not, Who Did?
  5. What Does All This Mean?
  6. Conclusions
  7. Church Politics and the Wedding Ring
  8. Culture and Other Objections
  9. Ethical Issues Involved with the Wedding Ring
  10. Appendix A
  11. Appendix B
  12. Epilogue
  13. Glossary
  14. References
  15. Bibliography
  16. About the Author

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