Identity Crisis

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The Adventist church today is going through an identity crisis as some leaders and churches, concerned over public relations, have influenced some of their members to lessen our standards and doctrines and to shift into dwelling more on preaching "seeker-friendly" sermons, reaching felt needs, "accepting you as you are", seeking numbers, popularity and acceptance by other churches, than on encouraging change in our lifestyle habits, preaching the full gospel of the three angels' messages and warning the world of what is coming ahead.

We have been warned that "We have far more to fear from within than without" (LDE 156).
  • What is the reason to go to church?
  • Are we really called to reach others in worship with comedy, drama, dancing, rock music, coffee and donut breakfasts for church, as we downplay our distinctive message and the messenger God has given the church?
  • Will we forget our roots, our message, our mission and hope that we were called to as a church?

This is a vital and sobering message that all Seventh-day Adventists should hear as Pastor Bohr concludes his sermon series on proper worship that was begun with "God Focused Worship" and "Systematic Benevolence".

Pastor Bohr concludes by reading Elder Robert Pierson's last challenging and sobering address to the 1978 Annual Council of the General Conference which is very apropos for today.

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