How to Study Bible Prophecy - CD Set

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In this 2-hour 3ABN Live interview, Pastor  Stephen Bohr discusses with his hosts the various issues surrounding modern interpretations of Bible prophecy and gives a comprehensive overview of the Seventh-day Adventist position.

He shows how the Adventist historical flow method of study and interpretation makes logical sense compared with preterism and futurism.

Learn why Seventh-day Adventists are the only church left which understands and interprets prophecy very closely to how the Reformers did and find out when and why that shift by Protestants to a different interpretational system happened. See how the other methods leave one with no anchor as to where we are in biblical prophecy's history or what present-day truth is. Satan is actually using these prophecy interpretations to hide who the true beast is and is trying to make the three angels' messages of no importance to Christians today.

Pastor Bohr shows the dangers of believing in a secret rapture and in Christ reappearing again later for a 1,000 year reign of peace centered in Israel. This is deceptive if we do not believe that Christ will appear openly and only once, and will take us to heaven for the millennium instead of reigning here on earth, because Satan will appear masquerading as Christ on earth and will claim to bring world peace, working miracles while vindicating false doctrines. 

Pastor Bohr shows how Seventh-day Adventists teach a very Christ-centered view of end time events. He also describes the three basic types of prophecy found in the Bible and how to know when to apply prophetic interpretations literally or symbolically.The session ends with some questions and answers. A very helpful guide in learning to share with someone how to make sense of Bible prophecy.The DVD is 2-hours in length.

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