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  1. Four Steps to Ruin (Achan)
  2. Vanity of Vanities (Solomon)
  3. Worship Egyptian Style (Golden Calf)
  4. The Holy and the Profane (Nadab &Abihu)
  5. The Constantine Syndrome (Balaam)
  6. Mutiny in the Camp (Korah)
  7. Rebellion is as Witchcraft (Saul)
  8. The Traitor (Absalom)
  9. The Son of Perdition
  10. The Overmastering Delusion
  11. God's Antidote for Itching Ears
  12. The Final Apostasy

In this powerfully convicting and thought-provoking series, Pastor Bohr discusses several of the great apostasies found in the Bible, with a view to help us avoid the same mistakes.

Paul warns us in 1st Corinthians 10 that the things which happened to Israel were types and examples for us today who are on the brink of eternity. The pilgrimage of Israel from slavery in Egypt to conquering Canaan provides many lessons, warnings, and insights for God's people today who are on their way to the heavenly Canaan. In several of these presentations, you will see striking parallels between Israel's pitfalls and modern problems in the church that keep delaying us from entering heaven, as Pastor Bohr draws lessons from:

  • Israel's lack of courage and faith to go in divine strength to take the promised land from seemingly unconquerable foes.
  • The stealing of God's "tithe of the land" by Achan.
  • The sobering truth that just this one man's sin seriously affected the lives of the whole congregation and that Joshua had to deal promptly with Achan's sin or else the whole camp would be under a curse.
  • The fall of Jericho and how faith in God's power is shown by works of obedience.
  • The mixture of God's worship with Egyptian ritual and sensual dance and music at the golden calf; the compromising wishy-washiness of Aaronas leader there; and the constant clamoring of the people to go back to the lifestyle they had in Egypt.
  • The sin of Nadab and Abihu who also mixed the profane and secular with sacred things and found out the hard way that God has standards for reverence and respect in His holy worship.
  • The ambitious rebellion against the authority God gave to His ordained leaders in the church and the claim to have holy flesh, as seen in the history of Korah and his followers.
  • The fall of many Israelites into luxurious sun-god worship, drunkenness, and sexual sins with prostitutes at Baal Peor, when they were tested by a false prophet just before they were to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land.

Pastor Bohr also unseals important lessons from stories and prophecies in the rest of Scripture, including:

  • The original test of worship styles and the distinction between the holy and secular, as given in the Garden of Eden.
  • The link between King Belshazzar and the woman of Revelation 17, who also drinks wine from a golden cup and blasphemes, and what this all has to do with the Sabbath and worship styles.
  • The pride and compromise, the fall from godliness into hedonism and atheism, and the amazing repentance and restoration of Solomon.
  • The excusing of sin, the loss of salvation and the final descent into witchcraft of King Saul.
  • The traitorship and spirit of the "mystery of iniquity" as portrayed in Absalom and Judas and the "mystery of godliness" as portrayed in David and Christ.
  • The compromise and apostasy of the "man of sin" during the Middle Ages.
  • The mistake the Jews made in interpreting prophecy according to their desires and ambitions at the first coming of Christ.
  • The final, almost overmastering delusion and false doctrines that Satan will spring on the world in the very last days.
  • The plan Satan has to subtly ensnare the remnant church.
  • Paul's counsel in 2 Timothy that tells us what kind of preaching we need to be doing in these last days and how Satan can deceive any of us to finally "believe a lie" if we do not love the truth for this time.

The same principles that led to apostasy in these stories can be seen in the modern worship styles and rebellious attitudes and practices of individuals and whole churches today. There will be a shaking and a weeding out of those whose hearts are more inclined to the world than they are to God.

Pastor Bohr speaks kindly but firmly as his love for God's people shines out in these warnings. These unique and vitally important studies will teach you how to detect incipient signs of apostasy stealthily creeping into the church and will encourage you to unflinchingly obey every word that comes from the mouth of God and to stand firm when the whole world seems to be forsaking God's truth.

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