God's Everlasting Sign

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  1. God's Everlasting Sign-Part 1
  2. God's Everlasting Sign-Part 2
  • Have you ever wondered why Seventh-day Adventists preach that the Sabbath is the seal, or sign, of God for the end times, yet Paul says the Holy Spirit is the seal that guarantees our eternal inheritance right up until Jesus comes?
  • Is there a contradiction here?
  • If the Sabbath is also the seal does this mean everyone who keeps the Sabbath will be saved no matter what else they do?
  • Why was circumcision also called a sign in the Old Testament, as baptism and communion are in the New?
  • How many seals are there anyway and can we have more than one at a time?
  • How does a seal relate to the Sealer and is there more than one place where we are sealed?
  • Who really wrote the Ten Commandments on stone and how is He still writing them?
  • Are we justified by the Spirit and then set free to choose how we wish to live or is He also involved in our sanctification by implanting standards in our lives that show Who we belong to?

Pastor Bohr takes us on an eye-opening and fascinating tour through the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy to discover life-changing truths of how God designed His outward signs to reveal to the world an inward experience of a relationship of love and loyalty to Him.

This series will help you to understand and explain the role of the Sabbath better and it will inspire you to make sure you have the horse before the cart in your Christian experience of faith that works.

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