Fourth Commandment - CD Single

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This thrillingly powerful special presentation by Pastor Bohr at the 3ABN 2008 Ten Commandment Weekend is a wonderful witnessing and sharing tool for those who are interested in why Seventh-day Adventists keep the seventh-day Sabbath.

There are three biblical things the Sabbath memorializes and/or points forward to: 1) Creation 2) Redemption 3) Restoration in the New Earth.
Do you ever wonder why many Christians focus on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, but are strangely silent about what happened on Sabbath in the Passion Week? Especially focusing on the redemption commemorated by Christ's resting in the tomb on Sabbath, Pastor Bohr shares how this experience was prophesied by the manna that was miraculously preserved over the Sabbath in the Hebrew wilderness wanderings. From this, as well as from meanings gleaned in the Table of Shew-bread, the Passover Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the two different renditions of the Sabbath Commandment found in Exodus and Deuteronomy, he shares insights that should put to rest all arguments that the Sabbath is no longer necessary. We see clearly why we are called to be not just New Testament, but Whole Bible Christians, because Jesus is at the center of the entire Bible. "The entire system of Judaism was a compacted prophecy of the gospel" (DA 211).
This presentation is very similar to part 2 of Pastor Bohr's series "Hidden Sabbath Truths", but is presented in a convenient single sermon form. It also has some extra insights and is presented in a very powerfully clear and convicting manner, which makes it easier to share with those not acquainted with, or wanting to know more about, why we keep the Sabbath. It appeals to anyone thirsting for revival and for discovering deeper meanings of grace found in the Sabbath.

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