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  1. Earth's Final Battle  Part - 1
  2. Earth's Final Battle  Part - 2

In this miniseries, Pastor Bohr studies the last three plagues of Revelation 16 and what the Battle of Armageddon really means.

He looks at the subject from the perspectives of the history of the Exodus from Egypt as well as from the chapters in the book "The Great Controversy" which describe the time of trouble in detail.

You will gain courage for the days ahead in seeing how God delivered Israel in their time of extremity from the waters of the Red Sea and how, in the end-times, the "waters of peoples and nations" that support spiritual Babylon, will be led to see how they have been deceived. They will then turn from pursuing God's people and will instead "overflow and drown" the beast, the harlot and the false prophet for leading them astray.

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