Dear Faithful Friend of Secrets Unsealed

God orchestrated it all! I recently preached a series at a church in Southeastern California. On Sab- bath morning, a non-Adventist family of five showed up at an Adventist church for the first time. They had watched the series, ‘Cracking the Genesis Code’ on YouTube and were convicted that they should keep the Sabbath. What they did not know was that I was going to preach on that particular Sabbath at that particular church! What a joyous surprise it was! They are presently preparing for baptism and when they are ready, I have promised to return to baptize them.

Have you ever wondered how God will reach Muslims? Just a couple of weeks ago, I preached at a church in Ohio and a young newlywed couple shared their testimony. The young man had been a lifelong Adventist and while at a secular university, he met his wife to be. She was a muslim from Iran. To make a long story short, they discovered ‘Cracking the Genesis Code’ on our YouTube channel, watched the series, and he re-consecrated his life to the Lord and both were recently baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.