Chain of Command - MP3 Set

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  1. Chain of Command-Part 1
  2. Chain of Command-Part 2
  • How can we understand God's omnipresence-His being present everywhere at once?
  • Just how does the Godhead operate in implementing its plans on planet earth?
  • Is the Holy Spirit an essence as some teach, or is he a real Person?
  • How is God understood to be everywhere present?
  • What relationship do the angels sustain to the Godhead and how important are they to us?
  • How did Pentecost demonstrate that angels were then unleashed and men were given a new day of expanded power in the spreading of the gospel?
  • If the battle was won at the cross what are we still here for?
  • Is God simply waiting for more earthquakes, hurricanes and other disastrous "signs of the end" to happen before He can come?
  • What part are we today to play in God's army and chain of command?

This series will open your eyes to the vast array of heavenly resources and power just waiting for our "demand and reception" from God to give us, so that we may overcome sin and spread the gospel with new life. It will show and encourage you that this can be done only through those of us who are willing to fully surrender to obey His commands and who deeply crave the Latter Rain of the Holy Spirit.

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