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73 pages of study material for this 6-part series

The explanation given by Seventh-Day Adventists as to the true significance of the Great Disappointment in the Millerite movement of 1844, and why God allowed it, has been described by some critics as the greatest face-saving gimmick in Christian history.

But, in this series, Pastor Bohr shows clearly how, at each major stage of Christ's earthly and heavenly sanctuary ministry, there has been a public proclamation of an important message concerning the work He is to do at that time, that is at first misunderstood, leading to a huge disappointment, but then is followed by an explanation to those left in the movement of the reason for their disappointment.

This series not only shows how God tests and sifts those who are true believers from those joining a movement out of fear or ambition, but it is also an invaluable tool in understanding how the sanctuary service in heaven functions and how to follow Jesus when He opens a new door in His ministry and shuts the previous one. It is a warning, and yet at the same time an encouraging explanation and exhortation, of how we must reach holiness in the sight of God before the door of probation finally closes.

All of God's workings in the past are given as examples and lessons to lead us to finally fully catch up to Jesus and to be ready to stand as the 144,000, who are sealed and strengthened to pass through the final time of trouble such as never was since the beginning of the world.

This series is a treasure for those longing to unravel the mysteries behind God's workings in leading the Seventh-Day Adventist Church as the remnant church described in Bible prophecy.

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Who Care About Christian Standards
Written by Donna Failes on Aug 9th 2021

I work full time and travel a great deal so I try to ADD Pastor Bohr's notes to my study. I have ONLY been able to study his notes on music but, as usual, I am not disappointed. I am sharing with other "musical" folks his notes. Thank YOU so much for this insight on music. I am eagerly anticipating reading all of your notes I have printed out. God bless you.

Catching Up to Jesus
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Apr 7th 2021

I want to say that I never really heard this subject, in such an Understanding way. Thank you, Pastor Bohr.

Catching up to Jesus
Written by Ha Ngon on Dec 9th 2019

Thank you

Review - Catching Up Jesus Series
Written by Paul Sawo on Apr 23rd 2019

This is an eye opener. I have been impressed with the systematic presentation, uncovering the great disappointment. I must admit, the part of John the baptist, the disciples were new to me. Every Seventh Day Adventist needs to study this to be able to understand our roots and avoid misconceptions. Praying that God will continue to bless and use the Secrets Unsealed Ministry for His glory. Materials from SUM have been my good companions while living in Yemen, a Country where there are no Christian churches let alone SDA ones. Keep up the great and inspiring work

Catching Up to Jesus
Written by Lisa Keehn on Jun 25th 2018

Another awesome presentation!

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